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The Fawley Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served from 8.30 - 9.30am.

For the time being, due to social distancing requirements, you will be required to choose a breakfast sitting at a particular time.

You will also be asked to choose your breakfast the day before, giving us your choice either by text or phone call.

It consists of the following

 Fair Trade Tea or Coffee

Or a choice from our Fair Trade Fruit/Herbal Tea Range


Fruit Juice: Orange, Apple, Cranberry or Lemon Water

Cereal from a wide selection

Fawley Special Home Made Muesli (contains nuts)

Fawley Freshly Prepared Fruit Salad (seasonal)


Grapefruit Segments in Juice

Prunes in Juice

For the present time, the self-service breakfast 'bar' will not be available so your choices will be brought to you when you come down to eat.


Hot Toast (White or Wholemeal)

A selection of Preserves (including diabetic jam and marmalade on request)


 Full English Breakfast

Free Range Egg,  2 Rashers of Bacon, Isle of Wight Sausage, 2 Hash Browns, Fresh Cooked Tomato & Beans

(A smaller English Breakfast is available on request)

American Breakfast

Free Range Egg, Bacon, Hash Browns and Two American Style Pancakes

with Maple Syrup

Vegetarian English Breakfast

Free Range Egg, Vegetarian Sausage, Hash Browns, Fresh Cooked Tomato & Beans

Breakfast Muffin

Bacon and Free Range Poached Egg on a Fresh Toasted Muffin

Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon

Served with Wholemeal Toast

Fawley Fresh Home Cooked American Style Pancakes

Choose from Plain, Chocolate Chip or Cherries and Berries

Served with Butter, Maple Syrup, Honey, Chocolate Sauce or Bacon

Free Range Scrambled, Poached or Fried Egg

Served on Wholemeal or White Toast

Bacon or Isle of Wight Sausage Sandwich

Served on Wholemeal or White Bread

Beans on Wholemeal or White Toast

Daily Specials also available

Please note

We endeavour to make our breakfast as healthy as possible therefore the only item of our breakfast that is fried is the egg. Wherever possible we use locally sourced Isle of Wight, Fair Trade or Rain Forest Assured Products and Free Range Eggs.

To ensure our breakfast is as fresh as possible, we reserve the right to alter the breakfast menu to take into account seasonal variations.